How to choose a WiFi jammer to prevent children from indulging in mobile phones?

With the advent of the summer vacation, primary and secondary schools all over the country began to have holidays, but the tests for parents came one after another-what should I do if children are addicted to cell phone chat, what should they do if they don’t have a good rest and play mobile games in the middle of the night? How to do? These are the questions I have received the most recently. When encountering such consultations, I generally recommend parents to communicate with their children so that they can learn to self-discipline. However, some parents also reflect the actual difficulties and hope to purchase home wifi jammer to interfere/cut cell phone signals. Yesterday, an older brother hoped that his younger sister could concentrate on studying. He sacrificed the fun of playing with a mobile phone and bought a mobile phone signal jammer. My heart is still very warm!

5g cell signal blocker

Then let’s talk about how to choose a mobile phone signal jammer at home (to prevent students from indulging in mobile phones)

1. Shielding range: The shielding range is proportional to the power. For low-power signal jammers, one is enough to install in a room, and the shielding area is about 20 square meters; while for high-power jammers, the shielding distance can reach 100-400 square meters. , Depending on the local field strength or whether you need to go through the wall to decide (some parents will choose to install the mobile phone signal jammer in their own room).

2. Signal strength: There are signal base stations or signal amplifiers on the roofs of many residential areas as well as the distance from the surrounding area to the base station. Our professional sales staff at Dazhan Electronics will teach you how to determine the signal strength in the room and choose a suitable home jammer.

3. According to the shielding frequency band: Before buying, you need to know which signals you want to shield. Ordinary mobile phone signals (2345G) can be selectively shielded. If you only shield 2G or only 345G, this can be adjusted before leaving the factory. There are also 2.4GWIFI, 5.8GWIFI, VHF, UHF and other frequency bands. Here we need to explain the function of each signal frequency band. Simply put, 2G is the frequency band for making phone calls, and 2345G is the frequency band for mobile phones to surf the Internet, so it depends on the specific shielding frequency band requirements.

4. Appearance: The appearance of the mobile phone signal jammer can be divided into an external antenna and an internal antenna. In general, the external antenna extends outward because the antenna is external, so it is relatively It occupies a little more space; because of the extended antenna, the effect of the external antenna is more stable.

5. Power supply: Generally, the power supply of the shielding device is the built-in lithium battery. After the power is used up, the power adapter can be used to charge; the desktop test room uses 220V voltage power supply, and the car-mounted vehicle generally uses 12-36V voltage. powered by.