Bluetooth WiFi jammer protects surrounding Bluetooth signals

You know, these Martian watches are really practical. These are analog watches, associated with certain circuits and a Bluetooth module. They can also be used hands-free and are compatible with iOS and Android. You can use these watches to make or receive calls. You can also read text messages from their screen. Another feature is that you can make these watches read your text messages aloud. These Bluetooth devices have become very popular recently, but there is a great network risk, one can buy a WiFi Jammer to compensate.

New type desktop WIFI GPS GSM LOJACK 5G jammer

They can also activate various functions to control your mobile wifi jammer device. You can record the rest, set a timer, and control the currently playing playlist. The device is really cool. If you don't want to answer the call, you can shake your hand and the device will put it in voicemail. Another feature is that if you put your smartphone somewhere, the "Martian Watch" will always remind you of it. If you leave the device within 10 meters, it will vibrate. Therefore, you will never leave your smartphone in a cafe or anywhere else.

Jammer Shop is known for its interference solutions. That is why we have a suitable solution even for this "martian watch" problem. As mentioned earlier, the device uses a Bluetooth connection to pair with a smartphone. If you are in desperate need of shutting down these watches, you can try blocking the 2.4 GHz frequency so that there is no bluetooth in certain areas around you and the Martian watch cannot establish a connection. with the phone. The best way is to use our Bluetooth WiFi jammer device!