Establishment and protection of mobile phone signal shielding system in campus examination room

Mobile phone signal jammer is a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding tool, which is often used by campuses to avoid high-tech cheating. This puts higher requirements on mobile phone signal shielding skills. Therefore, how to lay out a signal shielding system has become a key to campus invigilation work. As a well-known expert in the production of mobile phone signal jammers in China, how does Lin Chuang Technology help the campus build a signal jammer system?
1. A perfect signal shielding area needs to clean the shielding blind area

In order to have no blind spots in the examination room, the test should be repeated. In places where the signal is relatively strong, such as "windows" or "different areas", professional equipment detectors should be selected. Radiation, and interference to other systems; to achieve no blind spots; to comply with the inspection rules of relevant departments.

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2. The shielding effect should avoid external interference

The high-quality mobile phone signal shielding system project must be completely shielded together without affecting the communication of the residents. The shielding area must be more accurate and there is no interference outside the shielding area to prevent the normal communication of the surroundings. Although the education district will announce signal blocking notices during the big exam, we still have to minimize the impact on nearby signals.

Three, promotion and expansion

Wireless communication technology is developing very fast, and 4G is the most widely used, but it does not mean that criminals use other channels to transmit information, so we need to achieve full-band shielding. Therefore, the shielding system needs to be modularized, so that it can be easily upgraded according to the changes in the surrounding communication equipment, so that it can substantially save project investment and achieve better results.

Fourth, the system's after-sales service and engineering examples

The mobile phone signal shielding system project is a highly professional project, and an imperfect after-sales service system is bound to hinder the benign and durable work of the system. Shenzhen Nuoyue Technology will provide the knowledge and team of high-quality after-sales service, and will do a series of after-sales services such as regular return visits and system upgrades to truly deal with customer problems.

The above content is about the proposal for the establishment of the mobile phone signal shielding system in the campus examination room. I hope it can help us.