Will GPS signal jammers shield cell phone signals?

Will GPS signal jammers shield cell phone signals? In fact, not all gps jammers can shield cell phone signals. Let me introduce to you.

At the beginning, the car GPS jammer was a wire installed in the position of the car cigarette lighter, and the GPS signal can be shielded by the power supply after ignition. Later, it evolved into a 1-antenna gps shield. In addition to being able to energize the car, it also has a lithium-ion battery. It can also operate normally for a certain period of time with its own power storage. Later, a two-antenna shielding device appeared, and the two antennas respectively shielded the gps frequency band and the Beidou satellite positioning frequency band.

An antenna automatic GPS series of the third generation of green GPS signal jammers

They are all pure gps signal jammers and do not shield cell phone signals. But on this basis, portable GPS jammers with 3, 4, 6, and 8 antennas have emerged, which can shield GPS, mobile phones and WiFi signals, and have more powerful functions. However, in the current market, 3 or 4 antennas are relatively rare. Excluding the pure gps shielding device with 2 antennas, the facilities with 6 or 8 antennas have become mainstream products.

The GPS signal jammers above are all portable and lighter, with a built-in lithium-ion battery, which can work for several hours even in the event of a power failure. It is even possible to carry the signal shielding device with 6 or 8 antennas on the body to block the interference of external data signals when negotiating in some hidden places.

In addition to this type of portable gps jammers, there is also a type of desktop gps signal jammers that are larger but more powerful, with 8 or 9 antennas, and full coverage of GPS signals and mobile phone signals. It does not have a lithium-ion battery, and can only be operated with electricity. It can work with 220V alternating current in the parking area, and it can also work with 12V power in the car. This type of facility also comes with adjustable buttons that can only block gps signals or cell phone signals according to application requirements.

After reading the above, do you have a clearer understanding of gps signal jammer?