Mistakes in Xi'an drone light show performance may be caused by drone jammers

On the evening of May 1, 1,374 drones performed a magical light show in the night sky of Xi'an city wall, which attracted a lot of attention and was amazed. However, there were reports afterwards that the on-site drone light show was wrong, and a corresponding video was circulated on the Internet. From the video, the drone that was performing that night was suspected to be interfered by the signal, and the light and shadow screens appeared garbled, which was disgusting.

With the development of the situation, some media broke that the world record for creating 1,374 drone performances was bid by a company in Guangdong at a price of 10.5 million. The 10.5 million performance fee and the garbled light show on the scene really made many people call it unworthy. In any case, although the drone light show performance is not satisfactory, Xi'an reflects itself in an innovative way, and it is also for the development of the city. The starting point is good.

Different from the accusations on the Internet for the mistakes in the UAV light show performance, the accusations that Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., as an excellent supplier of radio frequency products in China, is also an earlier research and development and production of drone jammer. Of companies are more sensitive to drone accidents and black-flying incidents, so they will pay more attention to the causes of errors in drone light show performances.

Portable High Power Box-Type Drone Jammer Interception System

According to the existing data, such as pictures and videos circulating on the Internet, to understand the reasons for the mistakes in the Xi'an UAV light show performance, Chen Gong from Fujian Lingxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. Quanzhou R&D Center.

In this regard, Chen Gong said: "The reason for the error in the UAV light show is probably caused by signal interference.

The left side of the light and shadow font is a bunch of garbled characters, and the Xi'an font on the right is very clear. It is very obvious by drawing a straight line to contrast, and the light spot on the left is obviously loose and falling. This has to make people suspect that the drone on the left was interfered by a jamming signal directly in front, triggered the drone's protection mechanism, and started to return or descend. If the array is not level, the normal text light spots will naturally not appear.

From Chen Gong's analysis, the situation of the drone falling loose and falling is indeed like a drone return protection mechanism. As a company that develops and produces UAV jammer products, it has a deep understanding of the protection mechanism of UAVs. The frequency bands used by drones on the market are in accordance with the civilian frequency bands promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including communication frequency bands for remote control and image transmission, and frequency bands for positioning such as GNSS. When the frequency bands used by drones are affected by drone jammers After interference or blocking, the protection mechanism of the UAV will be triggered, and there will be a response of returning or descending.

The error in the Xi'an UAV light show performance is most likely because the UAV used in the show was interfered by the same frequency signal. Of course, this is only a judgment based on the pictures and videos circulating on the Internet. At present, the official is investigating the reasons for the mistakes in the drone light show performance. The specific reasons should be subject to the official investigation report.