Wifi interference shielding security camera

Hello everyone! We know that the current WiFi is not a completely secure connection and may be hacked. But everybody knows that there is a new camera on the market, may it be taking pictures of your privacy? How can we protect ourselves from you? The Dropcam HD WiFi security camera is a small webcam operated via USB. It provides HD quality video and night vision. It also supports two-way audio and DVR recording functions. Incidentally, the webcam is always on and can be accessed through an iPhone, a web browser or an Android-based personal device. In order to prevent such private access, many companies are now using wifi jammer to stop it.

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If the Dropcam HD WiFi security camera can find you, it cannot prevent it from recording the captured data on the connected PC. It is also worth noting that the real-time streaming video of this camera is streamed and encrypted via cloud services. However, this security camera uses WiFi connection to connect to mobile devices, such as iPhones or Android-based smartphones. The Dropcam HD WiFi security camera is priced at $149. If you choose to use the DVR-style recording function, the monthly fee is US$9.95. In order to prevent your video from being broadcast to personal mobile devices via WiFi connection, you can use a WiFi jammer to block the Dropcam HD WiFi security camera and ensure the maximum line of sight.