Analysis on how to choose mobile phone shielding cabinet

In the age of Internet development, the network is developing very rapidly, and the security issues behind the development of informatization have become a serious test at the moment. Information leakage prevention and anti-monitoring are issues that need to be resolved in departmental sites.

Mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers are the main source of the problem. Mobile phones are now essential products for people. You can go out without anything, but you must carry your mobile phone. The lack of a mobile phone is worthy of loss;

The mobile phone communicates with other employees or devices through wireless signals, and wireless signal leakage has become the biggest annoyance;

The company's major meetings, strategic command, examination rooms and other key places are very square about information leakage prevention.

The shielding principle of the mobile phone shielding cabinet is that the shielding material of the cabinet body, the shielding copper mesh, the tinned steel plate, the tin foil sealing, etc., can achieve the mobile phone signal shielding effect without powering on. The shielding signal range includes: 2G/3G/4G/WIFI/CDMA Wait;

It can be put into the market after passing the "Certificate of National Secret Evaluation Technology Test Central Certification" and "National Secret Technology Evaluation Central Test Lecture".

Tips for buying mobile phone shielding cabinets

Material requirements: 1.0mm tinned steel sheet

Built-in shielded copper mesh

The door has a sealing strip, and has a magnet adsorption

The national secret technology evaluation central certification and testing lecture are indispensable and are within the validity period.