Install jammers in schools in Italy

The development of modern mobile technology makes it easier for young students to cheat by reading text messages or pictures on their mobile phones. Teachers usually dislike cheating on mobile phones very much. But Italian universities have their own methods of dealing with people and using high-tech tools to reduce fraud. The school has installed jammers on the classroom walls. The device may be emitting interference signals and the phone cannot communicate normally. This school is called Enrico Tosi in northern Italy. The school has found a way to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones, thanks in large part to military technology. Principal Bonny Tito-Ryan (Benedetto Di Rienzo) said when he left the school: “Most schools try to let students take the exam before the phone exam, but some students do not give the phone exam. Mobile jammers are used in performances by the Italian Ministry of Education. The device It is like a box, called C-Guard, developed by experts in the Italian military and defense industry.

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The GSM jammer will eventually be installed by Italian authorities throughout Italy to prevent students from cheating in exams. Ryan believes that the device performed well during the test. Some schools in Italy now plan to turn on these devices during uncontrolled hours, because turning on these devices throughout the day may also interrupt teachers’ normal communication and cause them pain. "We are minimizing the impact," Rehn said. "For example, schools should shut down equipment at noon."

According to the "Xiamen Evening News" report, at 10:30 last Tuesday evening, the promoted teacher had filled in the name, and the residents of Xiangxiang Township Middle School had no signal. Then the students went back to the idea of ​​putting it in the "white box" in the dormitory a few days ago, thinking it was a "mobile signal jammer". Since the jammer is only separated from the student's bed, many students and parents worry that the mobile phone jammer will affect their health. A student from a nearby middle school told reporters that every 10 hours in the middle of the night, the half-pipe teacher began to work GSM on behalf of the phone jammer. The students on the mobile phone have no signal, and the emergency call function will not be available until 7 or 8 tomorrow.