Surveillance jammer and face recognition system

After entering 2019, major cloud technology companies are paying more and more attention to imaging data collection, and the competition is also quite fierce. Among them, many well-known companies have begun to develop and research face recognition systems, and their application departments are also very wide. , Mostly for applications such as data statistics and security, such as national taxation, banking, public security, security, archives management, industrial and commercial departments, etc., are departments that are slowly popularized in response to policy needs. Among them, companies with outstanding performance include Megvii Technology, Yuncong Technology, Zanhua Group, Aimi Technology, etc., but this kind of face recognition can really be like in American movies as long as the facial parts are imaged to determine whether Is it himself? After our data analysis and investigation, this ideal state has not yet been reached, and if there is a camera jammer, these overall systems will fail accordingly.

8-antenna LoJack GPS WiFi signal jammer with large battery

There are many ways for surveillance and shielding systems to interfere with and shield surveillance cameras. Some of them directly interfere with the video. This method allows the imaging system to freeze in a certain video display frame, so as to achieve the time period after the interference wave is emitted. The picture is stopped, that is, the effect of imaging blank. There is also a way to interfere with the data transmission link. If it is a wired camera, then the transmission data cable will be confused by radio data to achieve the effect of packet loss. For optical fiber, Ethernet cable, and coaxial all data transmission media are effective. If the other party uses wireless network transmission, then the signal jammer principle is even simpler, as long as the wireless network signal is cut off in the corresponding area. If you consider security, you can also perform packet loss operations on data in the wireless network, so that the imaging will return to the previous picture, and in the process of unknowingly, it will avoid the tracking and shooting of the camera. The monitoring frequency closed system has become the biggest obstacle factor in modern face recognition systems.

High-tech is relatively checked and balanced. With the camera follower system, there are shielding preventive measures. The former means the latter. However, in this respect, it is definitely not the only purpose of the camera shielding device, but a more prominent aspect.