There are several ways to monitor jammer interference

Surveillance camera is a relatively common electronic optical device in our daily life. Whether it is a social group, government department, security department or enterprise or individual, it is involved in it. Many departments use it for safety considerations. There are also Many are to monitor the working status of employees, and others are used for social stability and convenience for relevant departments to investigate some cases. But in many cases, it also endangers personal privacy and daily formation. It can be described as a double-edged sword, and after some informal models are produced, it is itself a peep of personal information, such as pinhole cameras, The lens is reduced to such a subtle level, undoubtedly to hide its own behavior, so for the safety of people's personal information, necessary shielding and interference are still indispensable.

Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

For monitoring signal jammer channels, we basically divide them into the following types:

1. Video interference method: This is to directly interfere with the camera. It is a research and development technology of radio combined with polarization technology. Radio optical waves can form a smooth shielding signal. It will compress the light source of some electronic imaging devices. The entire screen will become a black screen. Although it is easy to be noticed, the privacy at this time period is safe after all;

2. Wireless network shielding method: There are two shielding methods. One is to extract the MAC address of the network data system and then the interference terminal and the IP address of the machine are in the same frequency band, so that data packets can be lost and the binary of this period of time can be intercepted. Transmit the code so that the video during this period of time disappears completely on the monitor or data cable. The second method is relatively simple, directly shielding the corresponding wireless network, causing the data transmission terminal, even after ingestion, there is no record;

3. Wired data interference: the same as the previous method of wireless data interference, but there must be an anti-shielding carrier, because limited data usually has a grounding and anti-interference system, so usually traffic camera jammers need to pass through this shielding layer Ability.

Surveillance camera frequency-closing products are basically the above-mentioned technological means at present. With the development of imaging technology, new products may continue to appear, and we are also in continuous research and development.