How to prevent spy drones from spying on us?

Brevard Payton 2021-02-08
Hi, I'm very worried about drone espionage. Can I use this device to monitor the general public? Can you still monitor me? Asked if autonomous drones for surveillance and espionage already exist and our privacy will be less secure.

greatjammer 2021-02-08

These little drones are actually used for espionage, so we can understand your concerns. As drone technology becomes more complex, many features of small drones are more and more suitable for espionage. As more and more organizations and institutions use these devices, our privacy becomes increasingly unsafe. You can block the GPS signal, but controlling the drone directly may not solve the problem. Otherwise, it may crash. However, as long as these drones send data using the 2.4GHz frequency and use it for control, the best way here is with a universal drone jammer that blocks all video streams and drone control.