What is the principle and performance of the positioning shield?

Many vehicle buyers are stolen by the original buyer on the parking road, and now shields are used to assist everyone. Usually the pledged car is installed with a locator by the original buyer. When you drive the car on the road, whether you are resting in the service area on the road or on the highway, the original buyer can see you To find the exact location, it is very simple to find the car that you have bought. Many car mortgages suffer losses from both people and money, but if you install a positioning jammer, there will be no such situation. Nowadays, there are signals and GPS for positioning. The three methods of Beidou and Beidou are all blocked. All the data and driving path of the person who bought the car are invisible. If you want to find it, you can't find it. You can use the positioning blocker if you have a portable and a platform-type blocker. So that your assets will not suffer losses.

An important step to reduce hidden dangers: the replacement of GPS, many customers will always install GPS in the pledged car when applying for car mortgage loans, so after purchasing, you must use a positioning shield to block the GPS, so that the location of the car will not be leaked.

Mini GPS signal portable USB disk jammer wholesale

The positioning GPS jammer is a high-power facility specially developed by us for large cars, passenger vehicles, tractors, parking garages, and acquisition companies. This facility can efficiently block GPS, various data signals of mobile telecommunications and Unicom, and have a useful distance. According to the area of ​​10 to 30 meters between the height of the data signal of the communication base station, avoid the car from being marked at a distance, tracking at a distance, shooting at a distance, turning off the power at a distance, etc., and reasonably maintain safe driving.

Facility operation method: This positioning shield contains two battery charging methods: vehicle charging and direct charging. It is directly charged by direct charging battery when it is placed in a parking garage or where information is confidential. When it is placed in a car, it can be directly plugged into the car to lighten the cigarette. After the customer purchases, install the antenna according to the corresponding position according to the manual, and turn on the control button. It can be used. There are 8 switch buttons on the side of the product, which can be adjusted. The shield has a built-in high-performance heat rejection system. Long-term start-up operation, factory inspection of all products, extremely stable performance, excellent quality, free quality assurance if there are burning problems within 1 year, there is no reason to replace new products with quality problems within one month, all fake products on the market, and support for new customers’ products. For business, customers can check and pay after receiving the goods, and contact the merchant in advance to determine the price for express delivery fees based on regional differences.