Jammer can perfectly prevent mobile phone harassment

Nowadays, mobile phones play an important role in our daily lives and are an important tool for effective communication. Therefore, the number of people using mobile phones in the world is increasing rapidly. In most public places, such as offices, places of worship and meeting rooms, mobile phones should be turned off for safety reasons. Therefore, jammers mobile phones choose them because they block all signals. The mobile phone jammer emits a series of EM pulses and increases the noise level, thereby distracting the communication system. After turning on the jammer, all phones within the effective range of the signal jammer will stop working. The wave scrambler mobile station operates via radio frequency to deliberately block mobile communications. Since jammers can also interfere with emergency situations and emergency communications, in many countries/regions, there are strict regulations prohibiting the sale, sale, or use of these devices. The Federal Communications Commission said: "A single violation of the interference prohibition may result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines, confiscation of illegal equipment and imprisonment."

high power wireless jammer

As a woman, have you been harassed? Have you seen such news? Today, the development of technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but at the same time, it also provides opportunities for criminals and criminals. We often see such social news on the Internet and newspapers. I don't have that kind of experience, but I have seen a lot of similar news. At the end of February, a Nagoya man was arrested by the Aichi Prefecture police on suspicion of violating the "Stalker Control Act" on the grounds that he claimed to have installed a radio jammer for the system, which was located by the car's positioning system and positioning system . An acquaintance. I looked at him. behavior. . The man asked the police to say that he "loves women" and accepted the charges. According to reports, from September last year to February this year, a man secretly installed a GPS device on a female light vehicle he encountered on the Internet and checked the device on the Internet bulletin board. Seems to read my post.