The development history of mobile communication technology

Mobile communication technology is usually a ten-year cycle, 2G in 1990, 3G in 2000, 4G in 2010, and the 5G we are ushering in. Among them, the odd-numbered generations of mobile technology are disruptive, while the even-numbered generations optimize and perfect innovative applications derived from the odd-numbered generations. It is precisely because of its subversive nature that odd-numbered generations are often more questioned. Take 3G as an example. Seven years after its commercial use in 2000, that is, in early 2007, Steve Jobs used Apple mobile phones and APP Store to redefine The mobile Internet has brought about the vigorous development of mobile Internet. Its revolutionary solution is to promote the separation of network and business through the OTT model, liberating the application layer, so that applications such as WeChat, short video, mobile payment, mobile games, mobile news clients, and mobile commerce have sprung up. come out.

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The same is true for 5G. As a new odd-numbered generation mobile communication technology, its revolutionary is to create a new application prospect for the Internet of Everything, which is the field we hope to be able to pull in the new infrastructure. Because it not only connects people and computers, it also connects all things, realizes the interconnection of all things, the intelligent connection of all things, and all things are controllable and manageable.

This is like the great invention of electricity. If it is only used in home appliances, lighting, and living facilities, it will certainly make our lives very convenient. But one day, when electricity goes to all manufacturing industries, it will start the Industry 2.0 revolution. Today, the Internet and mobile Internet will open a new application vision that is tens of thousands times the scale of the consumer Internet due to the arrival of 5G. It will bring mass social applications, such as industrial intelligent manufacturing based on the connection of everything, the Internet of Everything, the Internet of Vehicles, and the Internet of Things. These applications all need to be empowered by 5G networks. More need 5G cell phone jammer to protect privacy!