Blocking cell phone signal jammer takes the lead

Mobile phones are now a necessity for people, but it also brings harm to us, so there is a shielding device, which solves the problems caused by mobile phones, but can the mobile phone shielding device really block the signal and reduce the harm?

First of all, it must be stated that there has always been controversy regarding the radiation of mobile phone signals. At present, there is no convincing conclusion that can be accepted by everyone as to whether radiation is carcinogenic, whether it has other effects on people, and so on. But the same needs to be paid attention to. No one can confirm the conclusion that signal radiation has no effect on the human body. Knowing this situation, it is necessary to properly pay attention to the possibility of signal radiation harm to the human body.

Talking and talking became popular science again. How to reduce mobile phone radiation, I have already briefly described before, you can refer to the mobile phone use brief: anti-radiation chapter. The radiation from the signal tower is attributed to another radiation source. I often see the news. In many places with poor signals, operators go to build wireless signal towers, and residents worry about being deterred by radiation. In fact, in my opinion, the place where the signal tower is installed is often the place where the signal is relatively weak. In these places, the mobile phone will automatically increase the power during a call to obtain the available signal strength. And the mobile phone is so close to the head, this increased radiation due to weak signal may be higher than the radiation of a signal tower built next to the house.

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The principle of this kind of cell phone jammer is to transmit the same frequency band signal as the mobile phone communication in the covered area, disturb the normal communication of the mobile phone, and make the mobile phone unable to access the network. The disadvantages of using this equipment are at least:

1. High power. Due to the need to disturb the use of various mobile phones of the intended scale, the radiation is higher than that of a mobile phone in a call state. Does this member of the CPPCC prefer to keep his brain in two mobile phones in conversation for 24 hours? And some people are really allergic to electromagnetic waves, their health, who are they looking for?

2. The scale of disturbance is difficult to control. The scale of wireless space is difficult to control, and it simply disturbs people who shouldn't be disturbed.

3. Disturbance intention is difficult to achieve. In the case of installing a scrambler in the campus dormitory, students are not allowed to make phone calls in the dormitory, students can call outside the school, and students can chat online. If it is found that more students do not return home at night, does the CPPCC member advocate the installation of high-wall power grids and shackle wolf dogs on campus?

4. Illegal. The Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of China issued the "Notice on Prohibition of Illegal R&D, Production and Use of Radio Disturbance Equipment" in 2001, stating that "According to my country’s radio regulations, radio stations (including mobile phones) set up in accordance with the law shall not be subjected to radio disturbance. "The research and development, production and use of radio disturbing equipment without legal procedures are illegal and must be prohibited."

The mobile phone signal jammer reduces the problems caused by mobile phones, and we hope that we can treat its use correctly.