Cell phone signal and interfering signal

The signal of cell phone and jammer will also be affected to some extent.

Technically speaking, the quality of mobile phone signals is related to the following factors:
1. The distribution of the location of the base station (ie the mobile communications transmission tower), such as an outdoor station on top of a building or hill, or a distributed system interior. The closer the antenna is to the user, the better the signal;
2. It is related to the height, elevation angle and azimuthal angle of the antenna. The more the antenna points towards you, the better the signal;
3. It is related to the transmit power of the base station. The higher the transmit power, the better the signal received; The above is the relationship between the central office settings and the signal;
4. The quality of the phone itself determines the quality of your signal;
5. Your location determines the quality of your signal. For example, if you are in low places, subways, basements, etc., or places with dense houses and thick concrete walls, the cell phone signal will be weak. On the contrary, the signal will be good on the roof of the building and in the open area.

Wireless Hidden Indoor Photo-Frame Cell Phone Jammers Devices

Cell phone jammer are usually referred to as direct jammers, cell phone jammers, signal jammers, cell phone signal jammers, cell phone signal blockers, cell phone isolators, cell phone interceptors, etc. Today, Saiyue Communication will tell you the applicable range of the interfering mobile phone.
The mobile phone signal jammer adopts techniques such as frequency multiplication, frequency division and frequency hopping filtering for the upstream and downstream channels of the mobile phone system to analyze the required shielding frequency. Then customize a spherical shielding space according to the strength of the shielding device, and automatically form a shielding magnetic field within the specified range, so that the mobile phone signal of the mobile phone in this spherical shielding space is invalid . When the mobile phone jammer is in working condition, it can turn off the functions of receiving and sending the signal of the mobile phone within the specified range, and can not call and call, in order to achieve the purpose of 'mandatory ban.
The mobile phone protection device has a wide range of applications. It can be used in many occasions or areas, such as various wardens, prisons, detention centers, drug rehab centers, offices, conference rooms, gas stations, oil depots, churches, hospitals, courts and military centers. , Libraries, theaters, factory workshops and other places.
However, it should be noted that in densely populated areas such as schools, it is prohibited to set up radio stations with excessive electromagnetic radiation and that portable wifi jammers are not allowed in residential areas.