Hackers Can Explode Printer Inside Your Home

Columbia University researchers have discovered a frightening security exploit during their research. This exploit can not only allow your skilled hackers to steal your personal data, but it can also end up blowing up your printer and setting your house on fire. And I'm not kidding. These researchers found that certain models of HP LaserJet wireless printers (but could theoretically be any model of wireless printers from a manufacturer) are vulnerable to specific malware attacks that can grant absolute control over your computer. wireless printer to hacker. the world.

So how does this feat work? Every time you send a document to your wireless printer to print, this code reinstalls all of your wireless printer's firmware, granting full access to the interested hacker who wrote the entire malware code. And since your printer is wireless thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, this hacker can take control of it at any time.

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Once the hacker gains control of the wireless printer, he or she will be able to access any information you send to that printer, potentially stealing all of your personal information intended for printing. But not only is your private information and identity data at risk, as this access will also allow this hacker to have full control over the hardware inside your wireless printer and continually heat the fuser used to dry. ink on paper. out of it, which will cause this paper to flare up and destroy the whole printer during the princes.

So how can you tell if your wireless printer is infected with malware and how will you be able to fix it? At this point, I can tell you this: there is no easy way to detect malware, unless you want to throw away the infected wireless printer and replace it with the new one, but it could be expensive. Or, you can make sure your wireless printer is not connected to the Internet. To do this, you need to use a wireless wifi jammer which will protect its hardware from malware attacks.