Why do more and more government agencies need drone jammers?

With the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), we can discover more unknowns. However, in recent years, with the development of drones, carrying it is a good thing, but not all.

FBI officials recently revealed that criminal groups using unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) incident groups hindered the rescue of hostages, highlighting the need to supervise unmanned aerial vehicles (uav).

What law enforcement officers want to monitor is how most criminals use drones. Some criminal organizations have been using drones to threaten witnesses: they continue to monitor police stations and jurisdictions to understand who is inside or outside the police station and who can cooperate with the police.

The meaning of drone jammers

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) also play an important role in theft and other aspects. In addition to recorded thefts, criminal gangs using drones are also looking for larger target facilities, discovering security breaches and routine procedures, such as where to go to security personnel.

In Australia, criminal groups have begun to use drones and plan to implement complex smuggling activities. These teams will supervise port personnel. If workers are near illegal goods stores or contraband containers, and criminal gangs issue fire, robbery or other false alarms, they will attract security personnel. Therefore, drone jammer is needed to counter the threat of drones.

Built-in battery portable drone interceptor rifle jammer

South Korea’s U.S. ambassador, Wu Jun, said that electronic Wi-Fi interference signals came from five North Korea regions (Haeju, Yan’an, Pyongyang, Jinjiang, and Kaesong), and they “dangerously affected” the GPS.

US Customs and Border Protection Deputy Director Andrew Scharnweber described how cybercriminals use unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor border patrols, determine their vulnerabilities in coverage, and use them.

"Border patrol, our scouts fight people who cross the border. They set up camps near the mountaintop border, law enforcement officers and radio stations, and let their companions surround us. These activities are now mainly replaced by drones). In addition, The criminal group will use unmanned drugs in UAVs at the border, "almost afraid of being caught."

This is why the US government is preparing for the large-scale introduction of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) interference.