Jammers are not equipped in the mosque in Kenya

Everyone hates cell phones at inappropriate times - movies, classrooms, funerals (especially bad for anyone with a cheerful disco ringtone), and of course religious services come to mind. Kenyan Muslims are thrilled to discover a device that interferes with buying cell phones: Imams in Kenya have long complained that cell phones keep ringing.

Imams in Kenya have long complained that cell phones kept ringing during prayer and interfering with services.

A powerful jammer

A BBC correspondent in northeast Kenya says other mosques in the Garissa area are trying to raise enough money to buy their own equipment.

One mosque has chosen to fend believers $ 3 if their phones ring during a prayer service.

But that didn't solve the problem, Imam Sheik Abbi-Azziz Mohamed told the BBC.

"We used that tyrannical approach, but it didn't work. Some people are so poor that they can't even afford to buy airtime. We can't expect them to pay," he said.

Signal jammer can quickly and effectively block the propagation of the signal, so that the city of Qingzhen cell phone is no longer sounded, people can pray prayer. This is a very useful tool.