The indissoluble bond between mobile phone signal jammer and metal detector

If you compare metal detectors and security gates (refer to metal security gate detection equipment) to shapes and shadows, then signal shielding devices and metal detectors are to educate the internal and external relationship of the security work of the examination room. Today, we will come Give you some discussion and analysis.

Why use security inspection equipment for educational examinations?

Initially, the main function of the security check was to ensure the safety of the examination room, just like many conference venues, it was mainly used for safety inspections to prevent knives and other items from being brought into the examination room, causing some safety problems. Slowly, as the test style problem in the examination room has intensified, the security gate can no longer adapt to a single detection work. Additional equipment such as hand-held metal detectors and mobile phone signal shielding devices must be equipped to scan and detect electronic instruments for candidates, and use mobile phones. Electronic equipment filters out.

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However, with the metal detector, the problem still cannot be completely solved, because our concern is that if some miniature earphones with extremely low metal content or electronic instruments made of special materials are not detected, the test of the wind and the discipline is still A huge security threat results in the unfairness of the exam, which violates the security requirements of the exam room. For this reason, the mobile phone model shielding instrument was born. Its main function is to assist the security inspection of metal detectors and other equipment, shielding and intercepting radio signals around the examination room, so as to achieve the goal of comprehensive security inspection!

The cell phone jammer can only shield the mobile phone signal without affecting other electronic devices. The electromagnetic signal emitted by the mobile phone signal jammer is completely within the working frequency band of the mobile phone stipulated by the country, which will only block mobile communication. And this signal is always in a relatively static state and will not affect any electronic equipment.