Can the test signal blocker block all communication signals?

Can the test signal jammer block all communication signals? In other words, many people are not familiar with test signal jammers. In fact, they are widely used in college entrance examination rooms. Last year, in the college entrance examination, there were many examination rooms equipped with this kind of equipment. It has been proven to have a good effect in preventing electronic signal fraud, and starting this year, we are actively seeking to equip more laboratories with shielding equipment.

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Nowadays, the emergence of shielding equipment has solved many hidden dangers, which will interfere with the order of the examination room, so that candidates can take the exam in a fair environment. The principle of this kind of test signal jammer is to actually separate the electronic signal and make the communication signal of the mobile phone invalid. Therefore, the mobile phone can be used to prevent deception and has a good shielding effect. Used for WIFI2.4G signal. Generally, it is assumed that the effective range is within a radius of 0 to 30 meters. Usually, low-power test signal interference is enough to cover the entire classroom, so as to meet the shielding requirements of the test room. The durability of the device is usually 3, so the heat dissipation effect is not good, but it will lead to a particularly high cost performance, which makes it particularly suitable for buying test room signal shielding in schools. Many customers have trouble buying test signal jammers. Haisi Zhongtuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic technology company mainly engaged in radio frequency engineering and wireless network coverage optimization design and providing corresponding products. It is a diversified high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, engineering and service. The company was funded by a group of returnees studying in Japan, Dr. Ou, etc., with a total registered capital of more than 5 million yuan.