Surveillance jammer wins gold technology award

Yingying is green and red, and Amy Technology has won new awards. This year’s wifi jammer industry invention awards belong to our company again. The final product is the company’s main surveillance camera jammer. We started this instrument in 2015. After R&D and production, the finished product is sold in the market. It was once continuously upgraded to strive for the most perfect high-tech invention. This kind of product can be used for traffic cameras, city cameras, home cameras, factory cameras, and concealment. The camera can achieve the shielding effect, and for some users with special needs, the data packets of the transmission video line are shielded, so that the previous video and the subsequent video can be completely connected, but the time period when the user needs to be interfered is intercepted. Meet the final requirements of the majority of buyers.

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After several years of growth and energy, we have perfectly combined polarized light and radio interference technology seamlessly, and strive to achieve a unique technological leadership and high-quality after-sales service team in the market. This award ceremony was organized by the Radio Association The chairman Mr. Luan Yang personally led the team. Our understanding of this award is not just a matter of patents, nor does it rely on this kind of internal propaganda in the industry to achieve the company's purpose of expanding its influence, but to thank the industry for its tirelessness over the years. Recognition of hard work and continuous progress. After the commendation meeting, another celebration party was held within the company. I think that our research results are not only for a certain person, but also for a certain group. It is to let our industry be widely used by users. Recognition, let more people understand that the surveillance jammer product is real and feasible. This is our ultimate goal, and it is also our company's ideal when establishing a business. I think this way of popularizing the concept will be because of our products. The expansion of the market was finally realized.

Obtaining honor is the result of a period of hard work. We hope that the next goal will be more exciting and ambitious. Through continuous integration within the industry, we will improve the integration of the company's own management, technology, and sales.