How to choose a suitable recording blocker?

As a new product, recording signal jammer has received more and more attention and support from people. Users have changed from the previous government agencies (mainly the public security system and service-oriented windows) to the current enterprises, and the needs of enterprises have gradually increased. An important reminder. It shows that business people are gradually attaching importance to the safety of voice information and their awareness of self-protection has increased. Imagine if in a conversation scene, if any participant turns on the recording device, or connects the phone and keeps it in the call state, the remote personnel can There is no security to hear the content of the conversation at will. In this case, the recording blocker can play a good role in protecting the security of audio information.

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Flexible changes in usage scenarios

People can talk in any place, such as office, meeting room, car, dining, coffee shop, etc. How so many places can protect the user's voice information security, which poses a great challenge to the manufacturers of recording muting devices For this, we have developed a variety of products, such as portable, concealed, multi-angle, distributed, etc. These products are designed and developed from the user's point of view, simulating the user's usage scenarios, to meet the needs of users. With changes in demand, products will be launched, ceiling type, ceiling type, etc.

Product changes

When users choose a product, they pay more attention to two points, one is the shielding effect and distance; the other is the noise when the product is working; based on this, we optimize the product and analyze the failure mode, without increasing the noise loudness of the product The shielding distance has been increased, a major breakthrough has been achieved. The other is the discomfort of the sound generated when the product is working. For this reason, the frequency modulation carrier encryption has also received good results.

Product selection

There are many product categories, how to choose, let me tell you about it.

When you read this article, first of all congratulations, because you have found the source manufacturer of the recording blocker product. This article is aimed at users who have some understanding of the recording shielding products but are not particularly clear. The product categories of recording shielding devices are very complicated, and they don’t know how to choose, and some are users who choose "phobia". , The following will tell you how to choose a product and which product to choose.

Determine where you use the recording blocker. The usage scenarios are nothing more than the following situations:

In the office, in this case, it depends on whether it is a table between the host and the visitor; or a sofa and coffee table. If the table is in the middle, choose WS-3 or WS-5. WS-3 is more economical and has poor portability. WS-5 is more portable. If it is a coffee table, YDA-007-nk (180 degrees) is recommended. If both are available, use it at the same time.

1. To use the conference room, determine the number of participants that need to be shielded, and select one or more YDA-007-FX according to the number.

2. For flexible use and portability, choose YDA-007mini-FK or WS-5, which one depends on your situation.

3. Some petition windows or other scenes that require a relatively large area. Then choose the 2020 model YDA-007-NK, which is more expensive.

There are also some users who don’t understand the product and require all square meters to be shielded. First of all, it is stated that the recording shielding only needs to shield the places where visitors are staying. There is no need to shield the places where no one is staying, and all will not exist in all areas. All the recording signals are shielded (if there are special needs, we can discuss it separately) and then choose according to the 4 situations mentioned above.