Will UAV jammers stop or deceive drones?

What does it mean to "block" or "cheat" drones? What's the difference?
The pilot uses the remote control to connect to the drone and guide its flight path, but the radio signal between the remote control and the drone may be interrupted. This kind of deliberate destruction of radio signals is collectively called jamming, but there are other ways to jam pilots and their drones, including deception.

Jammers especially refer to deliberate use of transmission blocking signals to interrupt the communication between the drone and the controller.

After someone blocks the drone, they can force the drone to perform the following actions:
Land in place and stop further movement.
Return to the "original" position. This is a normal function of drones with GPS and home tracking. It is designed so that if you lose the connection, the drone will return to where it took off.

Handheld Drones Signal Jammer

Drone spoofing means that a third party takes over the drone remotely through an analog remote control. This is about sending a signal that should confuse the drone, so he believes that the spoofing signal is legal.

What tools do you need to stop or deceive drones?

It is illegal for individuals and businesses to sell and use jammers, but they can still be easily implemented online. Generally, the GPS jammer is composed of transmitters, which can have different shapes and sizes. When the jammer is targeted and connected to the drone, it will interfere with the radio and GPS signals that guide it, and depending on the technology used, this interference can be deployed thousands of meters away.

Why would anyone want or need to stop drones?
Organizations licensed to use jamming technologies often protect high-risk areas, such as military bases. In a theater of operations, military security agencies may wish to penetrate unauthorized drones before entering the protected area to avoid interference or potential damage to themselves or their property.

What happens after the drone is blocked? is it safe?
Interference is an incomplete countermeasure. There is no way to know the expected flight path of the drone, or whether it has been configured to automatically hit the target without interference. If it carries a sensitive load, it is particularly dangerous; if it falls or falls, or if it is landed and approached by security personnel without protective measures, it may be very dangerous.

The jammer cannot find the controller, flight path or identify the characteristics of the drone or its payload. They are only used to interfere with the flight of drones.
Is it illegal to sell or use interfering devices? According to the Federal Communications Commission, the use of "cell jammers" or similar devices (signal blockers, GPS jammers or text blockers, etc.) designed to intentionally block, interfere with, or interfere with authorized radio communications violates federal law. . Likewise, it is illegal to advertise, sell, distribute or market these devices to consumers in the United States.
The use of drone jammer in the United States can result in high fines, confiscation of illegal materials and criminal penalties, including time in prison.

Jammers can severely endanger critical public safety communications, may prevent people from making emergency calls, and may interfere with law enforcement communications. For example, this year an engineer and his colleagues were arrested for illegally producing and selling anti-UAV systems.