How to choose a more suitable wireless signal jammer?

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For different shielding areas, different types of wireless signal jammer should be selected:

The shielding form can be roughly divided into indoor type and indoor type.

For the actual output interference signal, the former is smaller in volume and power than the latter.

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And its production cost is relatively cheap.

For example, the area required for shielding is a small and medium-sized indoor environment with a simple structure (such as classrooms, examination rooms, offices, conference rooms, rest rooms, toilets, etc.),

At the same time, if the actual area is not more than 100 square meters, small and medium-sized indoor wireless signal jammers should be used.

If the area to be shielded is large and empty (such as warehouses, squares, auditoriums and meeting places, etc.),

Can also consider large outdoor screens, such as 101k or 201 series and so on.

If the required shielding area is a large indoor space and the structure is complex, the ideal shielding scheme is generally a combination of sizes: a certain number of mainframes are deployed in a honeycomb to perform large-area shielding, and a certain amount of Small model to eliminate blind spots, so as to achieve a more ideal shielding effect within a reasonable budget.

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