How to detect the signal strength of the mobile phone jammer?

Mobile phone shields are often used in school examination rooms, student apartments, detention centers, prison cells, military, military districts, and interrogation rooms. In order to prevent students from using mobile phones to transmit information, leak exam papers, cheat on exams and other purposes, some college exams are also to prevent teachers from leaking exam paper information in the middle of escorting exam papers, which will have a negative impact on future exams.

The cell phone jammer uses the same frequency interference signal as the downlink frequency that the mobile phone receives from the communication base station, and will be affected by the signal strength of the surrounding base stations, so how to test the mobile phone signal strength in the area where the jammer is used? If everyone knows that the distance of the signal jammer is determined by the signal strength of the area where the signal jammer is used, how can the users detect the signal strength of the place where the signal jammer is used without equipment?

Adjustable Frequecncies jammer

Simply put, the signal strength is based on the relative density of the communication base stations installed by the three major mobile and Unicom telecom operators. If the customer makes a call, the customer's mobile phone will automatically connect to the communication base station of the surrounding local operator. When we talk about signal strength, everyone refers to the distance the customer connects to the communication base station. If the signal strength is stronger, the closer the client is to the base station, the weaker the signal strength of the mobile phone, and the further away from the communication base station.

Using the professional adjustment equipment "spectrum analyzer" to shield the equipment from the factory, we can quickly identify the signal strength of the surrounding communication base stations, and can also quickly detect the signal strength of the communication base stations. So today we will teach you a simple way to detect the signal strength of the mobile phone used by the mobile phone jammer user. First, there are several common ways to detect signal strength.

Therefore, the use of technical professional equipment to detect mobile phone jammers is usually more expensive, and it is inconvenient for users to use professionally trained personnel. The second way is to use professional data information testing software. Generally, most of these apps are We will not introduce the charges in detail.