Is the cell phone signal shielding cabinet suitable for use in meeting rooms?

We know that mobile phone signal jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals and are often used in examination rooms to prevent candidates from cheating on their mobile phones. The exam room has become a common place for signal jammers. However, mobile phone signal jammers can be used not only in the examination room, but also in private places such as important meeting rooms of party and government agencies or enterprises to prevent people from leaking important conversations with their mobile phones.

In addition to the cell phone jammer can interfere with the mobile phone signal, the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet can also play the role of jamming the mobile phone signal. The mobile phone signal shielding cabinet can effectively suppress the leakage of mobile phone signals, and can store multiple mobile phones at the same time, which is suitable for centralized management of mobile phones in secret-related places such as party and government agencies, the military, conference rooms, and examination places.

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The mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is completely suitable for use in the meeting room. If the meeting room area is relatively large, several mobile phone signal jammers are generally required. At this time, a signal shielding cabinet can be used. Each drawer adopts a secure mailbox lock. , It can realize independent management. The interior of the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet is electroplated, and the surface is painted with high temperature, which has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and strong radiation resistance. Therefore, when choosing the shielding equipment used in the conference room, you can choose the appropriate equipment according to your own needs.

Product details of mobile phone signal shielding cabinet:

The outer shell is made of 0.9mm high-quality electrolytic steel plate, which is formed by sheet metal bending technology. It is composed of upper, lower, left, right and four sides. All connecting parts are continuously welded by argon arc welding to ensure the overall strength and electromagnetic continuity of the outer shell. .

Cabinet door: The cabinet door is made of 1.2mm high-quality electrolytic steel plate, which is processed by sheet metal bending technology to make it have good strength and rigidity. The surface of the contact part of the cabinet door and the conductive gasket is electroplated to ensure that it has good electrical conductivity.

Drawer frame: The drawer frame is composed of the upright post and the partition plate whose surface is electroplated, and the groove is positioned between the upright post and the partition plate, and the screw is used to fasten the shape to ensure the consistency of the drawer frame.

Drawer: The drawer is made of 0.6mm high-quality tinned steel plate, which is stamped and formed by a special mold to ensure the same shape and size of the drawer. Pull-out positioning bosses are provided on both sides of the drawer, and elastic compensation is provided at the rear to ensure that the position of the drawer is accurate and consistent after being locked. The drawers are decorated with flannel lining, which is beautiful and elegant, soft and comfortable.