The selection method of mobile phone signal jammer and the sharing of precautions

The selection method and precautions of cell phone jammer are shared.

Shop around and choose products from three companies, and learn more about them through extensive research:

1. Investigate product quality, technical means, brand, etc.;

2. Through online search, get a preliminary understanding and communicate with technicians, and listen to technical explanations;

Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

See the effect of the prison demonstration:

Choose a few, go to the scene to test and demonstrate the shielding effect;

The third part examines the actual effect of the case.

After the demonstration, the application, operation and actual effect of the product in other similar projects can be tested;

During the inspection, bring the mobile phone to the approved shielding area to verify the shielding effect.

Simple and quick way to judge the instrument:

Which equipment to consider

The shielding of the area to be shielded is not strict enough, laborious and not effective enough;

The area that cannot be shielded is seriously interfered, and there are complaints and cannot be used normally;

There is a certain gap between partial belief detection and pseudo base station technology, and there is a gap between ideal and reality. There are no real successful cases in China.

Unsuitable equipment

Small in size, the host and power supply are separated, and a circuit board is used inside;

A protective box is required, which is small in size and light in weight;

The natural heat dissipation area is small or the fan is used to assist heat dissipation;

There are multiple internal and external air flows inside the equipment, and the inside is easy to corrode.