Is it as safe to use a GPS jammer as it is to use a mobile phone while charging?

Faulkner Justin 2021-02-08
Is it dangerous to use jammers during charging? why? Can you help me answer it?

greatjammer 2021-02-08

Strictly speaking, the portable design of GPS signal jammer cannot be used when charging. Unless it is a car cigarette lighter GPS jammer plug it into the car's cigarette lighter socket, you can use the device. Do not use other jammers while charging other portable GPS jammers. This is detrimental to the jammer and is easily damaged, so it is best to charge it before use. It is dangerous to use while charging. This is common sense in our lives. Using it during the charging process will seriously damage the device itself and easily damage the device. If your GPS jammer is a direct current (dc) device, you need to plug it into an available power source. It can also be used without a built-in battery (such as a car GPS jammer), which needs to be inserted into the car to reduce the impact of cigarettes. The socket can be used normally.