Can mobile jammers prevent employees from becoming lazy at work?

Norris 2021-02-08
I am the owner of the factory. Recently, I discovered that employees use their mobile phones for long hours during working hours and in the bathroom. I don't know how to stop them from doing this. I've heard that employees can't chat on Facebook because they can block the signal by using a mobile phone jammer. Is this really feasible?

greatjammer 2021-02-08

Hello First, employees need to know the network signal to be used to access the Internet. If your employees are using WIFI, this is a very effective way to use WIFI jammers. If they are using 4G, it may have nothing to do with Wi-Fi interference. If you're not sure which network your employees are using, it's best to choose a cell phone jammer that can block 4G and WIFI signals. Second, you may need to consider the range of distractions. If the jamming range is smaller than your office range, it may not interfere with some employees. Also, I don't think interference is the only means. Better communication with employees may lead to better results.