Do you know what the mobile phone shielding cabinet does?

With the implementation of modern office models, the daily work processes of governments, military, scientific research, and corporate units in China are inseparable from the application of information equipment such as computers. Although the application of such electronic products has improved office efficiency, it has also improved the secret information being stolen. The risk of the country and the company’s secret information is threatened, and this threat will inevitably become more and more severe with the development of information technology.

Cell phone jammer cabinet is a kind of cabinet, also known as mobile electromagnetic shielding cabinet. It is a new type of product that companies have added computer intelligence technology to the traditional shielding cabinet. It is mainly used to store electronic information products such as computers. It is mostly used in government agencies, banks, securities, military and scientific research institutions and other places. It is the core item to prevent information leakage and protect the safety of communication products such as computers.

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Many people are not clear about what functions the intelligent shielding cabinet can provide? Below we list them:

1. Effectively eliminate the damage to the human body caused by the electric waves held by electronic products;

2. Restrain information leakage and theft of electronic products such as computers;

3. Prevent external electromagnetic disturbance from affecting the normal operation of computers and other electronic products.