Portable jammers are the choice of most people

There are many types of cell phone jammers. Among these, portable jammer is the best choices for most of us. It's easy to use and carry, and it can even be slipped into a pocket or purse. This is a great choice for keeping your car safe from chase. You can carry it and use it anywhere. In addition, the price of cell phones is much cheaper than professional phones. However, for places like conference rooms or concerts, it is better to use multiband or high power. Because these cell phone jammers have a larger interference range and ability to interfere. But if you want more professional equipment, we develop various jammers based on years of experience, including 3G to 4G jammers, GSM jammers, WiFi jammers and even waterproof jammers. Jammers have different purposes. We offer perfect products for global customers at reasonable prices.

Buy cell phone jammers Portable sigal jammers GSM / UMTS (3G) / 4G LTE / WIFI / Bluetooth / for all GPS frequencies (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5)

In contrast to the large and empty body, the mobile jammer is another desktop jammer, compact and elegant, not to mention the cake box. So it's easy to hide the drone jammer anywhere - if you don't want others to find it. The antenna has also been improved - the built-in device, although the case cannot be found, the interference is very little and the cell phone jammer still maintains good performance. Due to its high output power, the ideal range of the device is around 40 meters. This means that all 2G, 3G and 4G cellphones will no longer be able to connect to others, including wireless connections via Signal Chat application tools. In addition to WIFI jammers, when working in the conditions of WIFI 2400-2500 MHz, they can also block wireless tablets, iPads, wireless spy cameras and voice recorders to protect our phones.