How does a car pawn loan company choose a car GPS signal jammer?

In the past two or three years, the demand for dual-purpose mobile phone GPS signal jammers for car garages has been increasing. What customer group likes it so much? I think many people should know the answer. It is a car pawn loan company. This type of company is a platform for borrowers to use self-purchased cars or third-party cars as pawns to obtain loans from car consumption borrowing companies, which is convenient for users to make quick capital turnover. After the borrower pawns the car to the borrowing company, the car will be stored in the designated garage by the borrowing company.

Then there is a problem. The cars are all equipped with GPS now. If the borrower finds the location of his car and takes the car away through the GPS on the car, then the borrowing company will lose the wife and lose again. Bing, of course, they don't want to be in such a situation, so no matter how they have to install a car GPS jammer in the car or warehouse, then how should this product be selected and purchased?

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Some customers have some misunderstandings, thinking that the positioning on the car is only realized by GPS, and buying a car GPS signal jammer can cut off the positioning. Otherwise, the location positioning can be roughly divided into two categories: GPS (Global Positioning System) and LBS (LBS-Location Based Service). In terms of technical principles, GPS vehicle positioning is performed by receiving longitude and latitude coordinate signals supplied by GPS satellites, while LBS uses the difference of the base station signals of mobile communications to calculate the position of the vehicle. Therefore, GPS light shielding is not enough, you should choose mobile phones and GPS fully shielded devices to be able to.

So there are so many car GPS signal jammers on the market, including handheld ones and plug-in ones (larger than routers). Which one is better? Let’s talk about the handheld one. Its strengths are its compact appearance, easy carrying, simple concealment, and standby when charged; but the drawback is that the shielding interval is close, which is very unstable during high-speed driving, and is only suitable for relatively small vehicles. After the battery is fully charged, it can only stand by for about an hour.

So plug-in, plug-in car GPS signal jammers are generally metal shells, with seven, eight or even nine antennas outside. This type of jammer can be directly plugged into the cigarette lighter when it is used in the car. On the device, when it is used in the garage, it can be directly plugged in 220V. Its disadvantage is that the appearance is slightly larger and it is not well placed, but the advantage is that the shielding effect is good, and the separation is far. Even when the car is driving at high speed, it can fully satisfy the shielding needs, and it can also be used in the garage. GPS signal jammer can shield about 200 square meters under normal signal environment. It is a very good choice for pawn loan companies now!