Is it legal to use phone jammers?

Risco Steven 2021-02-08
In some public places in Mexico, mobile phones are usually unavailable or the signal is unavailable. This is because the cell phone signal is blocked. Is it legal to use signal blocking devices in Mexico?

greatjammer 2021-02-08

Mexico currently has no laws against these devices, but in the United States and most Western countries, private use of mobile phone portable jammers is illegal. In Japan, only government permission can install jammers in public places such as theaters and concert halls. The French Minister of Industry approved the decision to install cell phone jammer in cinemas, concert halls and theaters, but only if precautions must be taken so that emergency calls can still be made.

Canada has considered allowing installations under similar circumstances, and Industry Canada, which oversees the Canadian Department of Telecommunications, has objected, saying that these devices may violate personal freedom and affect public safety due to paralysis of communication with law enforcement and security agencies.