Two men stole the jammer from the police car

Mobile jammers, backpack jammers and portable jammer provide protection against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices. The jammer solution can protect groups of moving objects, people, cars and other small area targets. The jammer consists of different numbers of transmitter modules which operate independently. The interference module will block frequency bands with different bandwidths. The interference component is integrated into the mechanical frame and can be controlled by a remote control (via cable).

The Hinjewadi Transport Ministry filed two complaints against a car driver and a two-wheeled motorcyclist on the grounds that they took wave jammers onto vehicles found by traffic police in the no-parking zone of Hinjewadi. The first accident happened on Geometry Hill. The driver of the two-wheeler parked his rolling number MH 12 KH1191 in a no-parking zone.

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The on-duty traffic police team took action against a car by sticking a phone jammer on it. As the defendant was not present, the police team left. At the same time, the owner of this two-wheeler rushed to the scene and escaped with the jammer. In the second case, a car driver parked his vehicle with the license plate MH 12 JH 1770 in a no-parking zone, and the police also attached a jammer to a vehicle tire. On his return, the driver of the car removed the jammer and fled from the scene.

At Hinjewadi police station, two defendants were robbed. The Hinjewadi Police Department is conducting further investigations into these two cases. They will examine closed-circuit television (CCTV) nearby to try to stop the culprit.