On the Necessity of Using Mobile Phone Signal Jammer in Important Occasions

Today's mobile phones are becoming more powerful and smarter. Not only can they make calls, send text messages, but also social chat. Some social software is also more powerful, you can do live broadcasts, you can receive video with the other party on the spot, and you can also record... Then there is a kind of rigor in important occasions, if it is some business secrets to hold meetings or discuss In any plan, in order to avoid the transmission of internal personnel and external messages, and to protect the confidentiality of this plan, a cell phone jammer can be used.

GSM UMTS 4G WiFi 2.4G / 5.8G GPS 10-wire portable jammer has good heat dissipation

Commercial competition is getting stronger and stronger, especially some commercial secrets. After all, the competition is fierce. When there are any new tricks or new things invented, or when there is a commercial plan, it must be kept secret from the outside. It cannot be ruled out that internal staff have been bought by other companies. In this case, when discussing plans or meeting in private, employees may leak secrets with other companies. You can use a mobile phone signal jammer. With the jammer, you can avoid internal leaks.

When discussing important secrets, a mobile phone signal blocker can be used as a precaution. If there is a recording, it can be blocked, and the order of the meeting can also be maintained without interference from the mobile phone. Beijing Shenzhou Mingda High-Tech Co., Ltd. has focused on the research and development, production, sales and engineering installation of jammers for 13 years. It is one of the few professional signal jammer manufacturers in China. The Greatjammer brand wireless signal jammer system is used in prisons, detention centers, and schools. , Examination rooms and other important places provide mobile phone jammer | GPS signal jammer | wireless WIFI mobile phone signal shielding | one-stop signal shielding solution.