The mobile phone signal jammer can solve the hidden danger of disturbing the order of the examination room

In today's mobile Internet era, smart phones are very popular. However, things that bring convenience to people's lives and are used for illegal activities emerge in endlessly. Take the test as an example. In the past, cheating relied on cheat sheets, smuggling notes, and even writing formal questions on arms and legs.

However, in this information age, the participation of mobile phone signal jammers is of course indispensable in the examination room. The emergence of cell phone jammer has solved many hidden dangers, which will interfere with the order of the examination room and enable candidates to take the exam. Fair environment. Many schools have installed cell phone jammers.

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Cell phone signal jammer is one of the indispensable equipment in inspection rooms, prisons, gas stations and other places. It has the function of blocking cell phone signals and preventing cell phones from working normally.

Considering the size of the cell phone signal jammer in the examination room, it is not very large and can be conveniently placed anywhere in the examination room without additional space. And there is no noise, and the use of shielding equipment will not have a significant impact on the candidates.

In addition, you don't have to worry about their impact on other electronic devices, it is mainly to shield your mobile phone signal. At the same time, it is used to block the connection between the mobile phone and the base station, and will not harm the human body. At present, with the development of science and technology, the application range of the signal shielding device is becoming wider and wider. It can cover a large area at a time, thus greatly reducing the cost.

So, what should be paid attention to when installing a mobile phone signal jammer? In fact, the installation itself is relatively simple, but before installation, some small details will determine the subsequent use of the mobile phone signal jammer. For example, the installation location is related to the installation height of the surrounding environment.

In order to get the best signal effect, it is usually best to install it at a position above 1m and less than 3m, and it can be fixed on the ceiling or wall with ordinary screws. Of course, it can also be used directly in forms, etc.

After the installation is complete, please check whether all the components are properly connected, and whether there are problems with the accessories, such as the power supply. Finally, plug the power adapter into the adapter power socket of the device, and then directly plug it into the 220V power supply. Many customers have trouble buying mobile phone signal jammers.