US government buys 100 portable drone jammers

Those who win it in the war will determine the course of the war.

The US government purchases around 100 portable drone jammer to protect government facilities, property and personnel. The jammer interfered with the UAV's radio control, avoiding dangerous substitutes involving bullets and other projectiles.

But at the start of the war, there was a cat-and-mouse game between RF jammers and improvised explosive devices, while GPS jammers were far behind. They are too slow and cannot adapt, only a few feet away. Hell, sometimes two jammers lock up and cancel each other out.

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According to Defencetech, Battelle Labs is selling its portable drone wave jammer DroneDefender to the Department of Defense and Homeland Security. The jammer looks like an intersection between an old-fashioned television antenna and an assault rifle and can stop drones 400 meters away.

The principle of operation of DroneDefender is to direct radio energy to the drone, thus breaking the remote control link between the drone and the operator. High power jammers operate in the general industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency band. 2.4 GHz is one of the most common drone control frequencies and is part of the ISM band.

General Perkins' Chief of Intelligence Tom Greco said that while we hope to never fight Russia or China in the future, we are almost certain that we have bought Russia's advanced jamming and interference or even some of our own allies. People who fight in electronic warfare systems. : “It’s no exaggeration to say that almost any function we have can be destroyed. "

Training in interference management requires training of GPS jammers. For the military, it's tricky. The military phased out its electronic warfare units as part of the "peace dividend" in the 1990s. The service has short-range defensive phone jammers that can prevent certain types of roadside bombs from exploding , but for jamming jams it relies entirely on the Air Force EC-130H Compass call and the Navy EA-18G Growler aircraft. Until 2023, the military will again have its own offensive jammer.