Australia to develop the next generation of jammers

Australia AVALON - Australian Defense Minister Penny said on Tuesday that Australia has reached an agreement with the United States Navy to develop the next generation of jammer for the EA-18G Boeing Growler (an airborne electronic attack aircraft).

Payne announced plans to invest $ 250 million ($ 192 million) in the 2017 Australian International Aerospace opened in South Avalon Melbourne today.

She said, “This is a Turnbull government investment of $ 250 million, will serve the future [of Growler capacity] proof. 'Since this is a rapidly changing field, we will develop the next generation interfering ability to cooperate with the US Navy, which will ensure that these devices to maintain cutting edge technology over life. "

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Next Generation drone jammer will be a key part of the Air 5439 Phase 6 project as the next step in acquiring the upgrade Australian Growler EA-18G configured as a so-called Advanced Growler. The plan will ensure the future of the United States Navy aircraft commonality to maintain and develop other ongoing interference Growler ALQ-99 pods.

EA-18G Radar Jammer:

Payne also the New South Wales State Senators, EA-18G speaks before the Royal Australian Air Force, which flew two planes earlier in the show, Landed Apron Avalon. Australia is the acquisition of 12 producers, a few days ago, the first batch of four aircraft were delivered to Afghanistan's Afghanistan base southwest of Brisbane. Avalon planes represent the first public display of Australian planes. “EA-18G Growler will be part of our network and integrated forces, the ability to share information with other electronic devices as well as the Army and Navy, surveillance and reconnaissance data,” Air Force Air Marshal Lee Davis. 'Powerful, flexible, non-power growler can be a series of tasks, to interfere with radar interception shows that the inhibition of the opponent's air defense system. "