UAV jammer countermeasures without fear of drones flying black

In recent years, unmanned aircraft have become very popular, but more common is the frequent occurrence of "black flying" incidents by drones. If there are countless reports and criticisms about drones as a new thing, where should they go? How to eliminate the "black flight" of drones?

First of all, drone jammer is the killer in the landing phase. Everyone should know that the 3 minutes of the takeoff phase and the 7 minutes of the landing phase are called black 10 minutes. Studies have shown that 80% of aircraft accidents occurred within these 10 minutes, so safety is of paramount importance during the entire flight. Important link. During this period, many flight control systems, automatic navigation systems, automatic propulsion systems, landing gears, and communication equipment on the aircraft may be interfered by other wireless signals, which may lead to system misjudgments and disasters. This is the main reason why we are forced to turn off mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices with communication functions during takeoff and landing. Once the signal is interrupted, an accident (such as an airplane deviating from the lane and hitting a tower) may cause an accident in a very short time. You need to know that the aircraft itself is flying at extremely high speeds and extremely heavy weights. The consequences of this collision are very serious!

The second threat from drones to aircraft: impact. Everyone knows that the most feared aerial objects of airplanes are birds, but now, "black flying" drones that fly at altitudes similar to but far exceeding birds have become a new threat. As ordinary people, we may not be able to appreciate the rapid development of China's civil aviation industry in the past two years, but in fact, the invisible civil aviation waterway has always been as complicated as the road of life, especially in big cities. It is easy to cause "collision" accidents near the aircraft. What is the destructive power of drones to aircraft? We will recognize it from the picture:

Prior to this, professors from Cranfield University and his team conducted related experiments. They threw objects of the same size, weight and material as the drone onto the fixed aircraft radome. The ejection speed can reach 321 kilometers per hour, which is the speed of the aircraft when flying at low altitude. It can be seen through experiments that the radome is easily torn after the drone crashes. If the relative speeds of the two overlap on this basis, it is difficult to estimate the damage caused by the impact.

Since unmanned aircraft products have become a single user, there has been a problem of black flight, and countless airports around the world have been attacked and harassed by drones. In fact, in many other ways, this is not only an airport invasion, but also threats and accidents. When black drones are deployed on crowded city streets and areas and industrial sites and crash accidentally, they are bound to cause disaster. Don't worry about it. In May 2017, when a tourist visited the West Lake in Hangzhou, he encountered a drone nearby. The aircraft suddenly lost control and was cut through the eyes by the impacted rotor. The situation was critical. All these are the price of blood.

Based on Hefei's powerful "lethality", various local drone management regulations have also been issued. Here, I will not discuss the specific content of the regulations. Welcome all drone enthusiasts to Du Niang for more information. How do the relevant regulatory agencies restrict drones to drones that refuse to accept management and insist on "black flies"? Of course it is "fighting"!

The latest UAV jammer developed by Texin is suitable for various occasions. Turn the switch to the drone, and the drone will return home or make an emergency landing.