Mobile phone detection location capture system

When a mobile communication terminal passes through the device, the device automatically silently collects the terminal's unique identification code information (IMEI, IMSI, etc.) and stores it in the central storage server. The central storage server can perform calculations on the collected information, and after analyzing certain target information (IMEI, IMSI), the target can be tracked and located in real time based on a certain information. The device is small in size and light in weight, only the size of a laptop. Convenient to carry and conceal.

The equipment can locate a mobile/unicom/telecom terminal within a radius of 100m. After the device is turned on, the positioning host first determines whether the target is within the coverage area of the device; after determining that the target is within the range, the operating terminal locks the target and the positioning personnel carry a single soldier for further direction confirmation; after confirming the direction, gradually approach the target The distance to the target is judged by the signal strength fed back by the positioning mobile phone (the stronger the signal, the closer the distance), and finally the target is located.

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The communication management and control system cell phone jammer can be applied to confidential meeting places. The system can take over and shield mobile phone communications in the venue, discover mobile phones brought into the venue, monitor mobile phone communication behavior, collect mobile phone user information, and send warning messages to users to ensure meeting safety; it can also be applied to fixed areas Communication control, such as prisons, secret-related office areas, and other key areas that require control. Customize the control signal coverage plan according to the environmental factors of the control area to achieve "precise" control of the area. The system can set up a communication whitelist according to user requirements, realize the gating of mobile phone communication in the control area, and achieve user "precise" control. The system can also provide mobile communication management and control capabilities through the vehicle, mainly to meet the management and control needs of mobile targets in public security technical investigation, anti-terrorism and stability maintenance applications. The communication management and control system not only provides rich communication management and control capabilities, but also powerful intra-domain and extra-domain communication capabilities. When the communication in the area is paralyzed or a dedicated communication channel is required, the management and control system can realize the short message and voice transmission between the controlled user and other users in the system and public network users through relay means such as satellite, fixed telephone, and mobile communication.