Phone jammers slow down airport vehicle traffic

With the popularity of smartphones, more and more children are starting to enjoy mobile text messaging and various social activities. This is a national and international matter. Both children and adults use crutches. It seems almost impossible to stop them. So Liptak thought he was just disturbing her. As WTSP-TV reported, he was using a signal jammer and suddenly it was quiet in the classroom. Well, relatively peaceful. Can students use cell phones in the classroom? Some parents may think that children need to use cell phones to deal with potentially dangerous situations. But how does the school guarantee the use of cell phones? The headmaster of a school in Philadelphia recently tried to explain to parents that their school was simply taking phones away from children they would not use for several weeks. The parents weren't impressed. Some people think that if children are taught not to use the phone in class, all they have to do is teach them to respect the phone. But what should the children think when they see their parents using them for dinner, walking on the street, or even driving?

Powerful WiFi Jammer with 12 Antennas 3G 4G LTE Wimax-GPS-LOJACK Blocker

In the Philippines, government immigration services used a cell phone jammer as part of the fight against human trafficking at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The immigration authorities are planning to install high-performance cell phone blockers at all international airports in the country. Immigration director Ronaldo Ledesma said saboteurs are a tool used to contain airport traffic. Ledesma added that the trafficking syndicate links cell phones to targeted victims. When immigration officials asked not to divulge the news, he said, "The usual target of traffickers is to obtain travel visas for foreign Filipino workers, known as travelers." The immigration officers said of how these gangs work, “Sometimes they just talk to some immigration officers who were at the airport together and show the target victim or victim in a specific queue or counter over cell phones.