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High End Backpack Drone Jammer
High End Backpack Drone Jammer
High End Backpack Drone Jammer

Backpack Shape Portable High Performance Drone Jammer

Weight: ≤3.9KG
Dimensions: L≤400mm,W≤290mm,H≤100mm


Free ShippingOne Year Warranty1500 Meters

Price : $19060.99 |   $24857.69

Technical Specifications

product description:

1. Composition: interception system host, charging power supply, built-in battery, transmitting antenna;
2. Portable design: backpack design, portable mobile use;
3. Control mode: Land on the spot or return to the take-off point;
4. The farthest control distance: 1500 meters (covering the entire low-altitude open area);
5. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery: can be used in any place, the lithium battery can be used for continuous working time of the device for 120 minutes;
6. Simple operation: one-key switch machine, remote video, free choice of three modes: on-site landing, return to home and take-off point;
7. Appearance: backpack-like appearance design, effectively deterring the target suspect;
8. Can independently control remote control, gps positioning, and remote video transmission


Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model Box-Type
Effective control distance 0-1500 meters
Return landing accuracy ≤5 meters
Lithium battery working time 70 minutes
Is the battery removable No
Battery life 120 minutes
Interference frequency bands 5 frequency bands
Host weight ≤3.9 kg
Host size length≤400mm, width≤290mm, height≤100mm
Switch life more than 200,000 times
Use environment -25℃/+50℃
Protection level IP55
The frequency can be controlled separately GPS/2.4G/5.8G/433-915
GPS frequency 1560-1580MHZ/20W
2.4G 2400-2500MHZ/50W
5.8G 5700-5800MHZ/10W
433MHZ 44DB (20W)
915MHZ 44DB (20W)

Product Informations

The drone jammer uses electronic countermeasures to cover the communication frequency band of the drone by transmitting high power electromagnetic waves. If the drone is disturbed, it will lose contact with ground control and must land or return.

Application area:

1. Prisons, military administrative areas, national strategic resource projects, nuclear industrial plants, airports, political and other regions;
2. Web sites that prevent information leaks, such as: large crime scenes, city government law enforcement agencies, critical safety devices, guardian politicians, rehearsals for large performances, archaeological dig sites, and large-scale group events;
3. Combating the use of drones as a carrier of illegal activities such as: traffic / human trafficking, smuggling, illegal objects or information transfer.

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